Saturday, November 3, 2012

fall... the season of scarves

i love fall... it's always been my favorite season. yes, even as a kid. i've always loved my first day of school... and somehow it has always turned out that when we got a new puppy, it always happened in the fall. my birthday is towards the end of summer... so i like to think it kick starts my favorite season... and of course ends with my favorite holiday just around the corner :)

this time of year, there are so many good smells, yummy foods, and of course lots of family time. what more could you ask for! fall is when dreams are made in baseball and the beginning of football season! fall is the season of SCARVES... and if you know me, that's reason enough for it to be my favorite season.

so here's to fall... and few of my favorite "fall" things...

fall flowers/wreaths

cozy blankets

yummy apple deliciousness

and of course pumpkins...

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